CQart audio trail | watch this space

The trail soundtrack can be downloaded from this website for use on a personal music player (e.g. MP3 player, iPod, CD Walkman). This enables you to enjoy the trail anytime you wish. Don't forget that you need to download the map as well as the mp3 sound files to embark upon the trail.


Once you have downloaded the soundtrack and put it on to your music player and printed out the map, go to the starting point on the map and press play on Track 1.

At the end of each track you will be given directions to your next destination on the trail. When you have arrived at the next destination, play the next track.

Important Points

  • Directions will be given on the audio trail. Make sure you listen to these carefully before you move on to your next destination.
  • If you have any problems finding your next destination please refer to the map.
  • Listen to each track whilst stationary. DO NOT listen to the audio whilst walking.
  • The trail is an urban area so please be aware of traffic.

Breakdown of the Audio Trail

1. Instructions

Take your audio player and map to the Granite map on Halford Street and cue track one. Listen carefully to the instructions and enjoy the Cultural Quarter Audio Trail.

2. Crossroads


Stand at a crossroad in the heart of the cultural quarter, survey the skyline and discover fascinating architectural details. Imagine the areas busy industrious past and its exciting future.

3. Elizabeth and The Guild Hall

Elizabeth and The Guild Hall

A crumbling boarded up building has a remarkable past. Opened in 1909 the Guild Hall was once the home for the Guild of the Disabled. Confined to a spinal carriage at the age of four, Elizabeth Ward's life was transformed by the Guild's work. Follow Elizabeth's journey and discover a local organisations growth from philanthropic venture to registered charity.

4. The Parish

The Parish

In 1911 a fire breaks out and a vicar sacrifices his church so nearby factories and houses can be saved. A century later, reflections of local people reveal the thriving community that lived in and around Leicester's textile industry.

5. The Leicester Mercury

The Leicester Mercury

For more than 130 years the Leicester Mercury has played out its role as a major news carrier for the people of Leicestershire. Hear the stories the paper has covered through the years, from the death of Queen Victoria to Leicester's Diwali celebrations.

6. The Factories

The Factories

Textiles, hosiery and boot and shoe would secure Leicester a formidable reputation that would last for more than a century. Local people look back on the work and comradery of the time.

7. Friday night on Humberstone Gate

Friday Night on Humberstone Gate

Humberstone Gate in the 50's and it’s the end of a busy week. People's memories interweave with sounds and music to recreate the hustle and bustle of a Friday night.

8. Music, Clubs and Dominoes

Music, Clubs and Dominoes

As the textile boom slowly fades, a new bohemian scene flourishes. The noise of the factories is replaced by rock and roll, punk, reggae and the sound of excited domino games.

9. Curve and Culture

Curve and Culture

A new theatre becomes the heart of Leicester's Cultural Quarter. What is the purpose of culture in society and how does it make us feel?