CQart children's trail | jo dacombe

Artist Jo Dacombe researched the area by looking at historical archives and by talking to local people. She borrowed museum objects from Leicestershire's Open Museum service and ran workshops with children to explore in more depth with them the area of St George's and its history. She also worked with a young disabled group who looked at some of the craft activities that used to take place at the Guild of the Disabled on Colton Street.

Rendez Workshop
Rendez Workshop
Children's Workshop

As a result of these workshops Jo was able to find out which objects from the past interested the children and also how the disabled group felt the Guild of the Disabled should be commemorated. Jo selected several sites and created a series of ghostly objects for those sites that relate to the history of the area.

First, Jo made each object by hand out of clay. Then, a rubber mould was made from each clay model. The mould could then have liquid resin poured into it that would set into a solid, see-through and glass-like object.

Shoes Made of Clay

Finally, the objects were either fixed onto a plinth, such as the sculpture on the corner of Rutland and Yeoman Street, or fixed high up onto lamp posts in clusters.