CQart children's trail | jo dacombe

Jo Dacombe lives in Leicester. She is a member of Beanfield Artists Studios and Director of the art project Thinkspace.

Jo is interested in public spaces and using art to connect people to an experience of space and place. Developing from her original practice as a painter, Jo now uses art interventions in public spaces through a variety of media. Her public works, temporary or permanent, aim to be place-makers and enhance or reveal the meaning found in a particular place.

Jo responds to local users of a site through a programme of engagement activity which informs the final art works. She starts her projects by talking to local people and using art to explore places and involve people. Jo then creates art works specially for that site in response to the people who use the place day to day.

Jo has worked across the midlands, nationally and abroad, often working in collaboration with other artists. For more information about her work visit her website at www.axisweb.org/artist/jodacombe.