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CQart granite floorscapes | bhajan hunjan & lpw

The black polished granite was supplied by Pomery Natural Stone and fabricated by Peever Studios in Finstock, Oxfordshire. They were installed by Leicester City Council.

The commission consists of artworks created in sandblasted granite, embedded into the floorscape of the St. George's Cultural Quarter.


The Roundels

The roundels are situated at eight strategic entrances, on pathways leading to the new performing arts centre, from different parts of the St. George's Cultural Quarter. These reflect images of historical and contemporary significance and are themed around the history that surrounds each separate location and the buildings that sit on their circumference.

Thread Icons

Thread Icons

The thread concentrates on the theme of Creative Culture and the icons have been designed entirely by the people of Leicester, through community and school based workshops.

Community and School Workshops

During summer 2007 Leicester Print Workshop (LPW) held two community based drop in workshops in which participants were introduced to the project by lead artist Bhajan Hunjan and LPW staff. These workshops encouraged people to design blocks using basic printmaking techniques such as lino printing and letterpress. LPW had 44 people attend from the area and from LPW membership.

In addition to these LPW Education Officer, Gemma Wright, held a series of workshops throughout the Leicester area during October and November with various schools and community groups. In total LPW made contact with 105 participants under 18. Furthermore LPW made contact with the wider community with the placement of Cultural Quarter arts boxes in reception areas of three organisations, including LPW.


Moreover LPW held a further three drop in sessions for creating new designs and cutting stencils. Approximately 30 participants attended and LPW sessional staff were used to cut designs created by the schools that were chosen to be a part of the project.