CQart granite floorscapes | bhajan hunjan & lpw

Leicester Print Workshop

Leicester Print Workshop promotes Printmaking for All. We choose to do this by promoting the practise and enjoyment of fine art printmaking to a broad audience in Leicester, Leicestershire, East Midlands and across the UK.

From our nationally recognised studio, we provide printmakers with affordable facilities so that they can practice their craft and we deliver programmes of education, outreach and exhibitions. For more information about what we do and how to contact us please visit our website at www.leicesterprintworkshop.com.

Bhajan Hunjan

Bhajan Hunjan was born in Kenya, and came to Britain to study Fine Art at Reading University. She completed her postgraduate course at the Slade School of Art in 1981. Her core practice as a visual artist is rooted in printmaking and painting, and over many years she has embraced alternative ways of making work. Although her strength and energy, as a visual artist, are generated by studio practice, she acknowledges the development of her work through collaborations with other practitioners and participants in education and community settings.

Bhajan has worked on a number of national public art commissions in the past including the Belgrave Beheno Peepul Centre and Sparkenhoe Community Theatre in Leicester. Her website can be found at www.bhajanhunjan.com.