CQart interactive lights | jason bruges

'Vestige' is inspired by the movement and choreography of performers and the dynamic and changeable design of the space theatre, to create ancillary performance spaces within the vestibules through light. When the visitor enters through the vestibule, their silhouette is captured and is replayed behind as a digital shadow.

Spot Light

You will need Adobe Flash to view this video clip.

Within each vestibule the light effect is created by 2 facing columns of 288 very narrow Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED spot lights that are targeted to create a 12 x 12 array of spots of light on each opposing side of the glass cube vestibule. Each spot of light in the array can be controlled as a pixel to create a low resolution image projection.

The artwork is linked to the theatre show times to reveal the operation of the theatre. All three vestibules turn red to indicate the 5 min warning of the beginning of a show. They also turn green at the end of a performance to direct people to the exit points.

In addition the vestibules monitor the frequency of people passing through them which then determines their overall colour. The lower the number of people passing through; the cooler and calmer the colour. The higher the number of people passing through; the warmer and more intense the colour.