CQart interactive lights | jason bruges

About Art on the Move

'Art on the Move' is a series of interactive lights between the Cultural Quarter, Halford St., St. Georges South to the Peepul Centre, Orchardson Avenue, Leicester.

The purpose of the Leicester Lights is to define and interpret the 'journey' between the Cultural Quarter and the Peepul Centre. The aim is to make the route between the two locations more enjoyable and easier to follow. Simultaneously demarcating and highlighting places of interest and activities along the way.

Jason Bruges has created new multifunctional street lighting columns and integrated sculptural forms, that create a gateway arch to the main entrance to the Cultural Quarter and Peepul Centre, and smaller 'wayfinding' lights that define the journey between the two locations.

The light columns utilize LED and interactive technology to programme the decorative light sequence. The light sculptures glow like jewels at day and night time to mark the route. They enhance the experience of ordinary everyday use of the street & public spaces as well as celebratory, carnival and processional use.

Inspiration of the changing colour light sequence comes from the way that people and vehicles use the road and pavements.

The use of new technology includes movement activated sensors that pick up colours of moving objects that pass by and are translated into the LED's colours.

The Leicester Lights project was initially conceived and developed as part of the Cultural Mapping programme. For more information about this and other City public art go to Public Art Leicester.