CQart interactive lights | jason bruges

Jason Bruges Studio would like to thank Mike Candler Cultural Quarter & Curve Project Director of Leicester City Council Theatre Trust and Jasia McArdle Cultural Quarter Art Consultant & Project Manager (Spirit Projects) at LCB Depot for commissioning the work and for their continued support from inception to completion.

Jason Bruges Studio would also like to thank the Curve construction project managers Keith Butler (Focus Consultants) and Stephen Frame (Segue) for support in implementing the artwork and negotiating all the interfacing. Thanks also goes to Bovis Lend Lease, the main contractor, especially Martyn Woodhouse, Des Watkins and David Orrell.

Thanks lastly go to Mike Harrison (White Wing Logic Ltd) for the hardware electrical design and build, and to Chris O’Shea for the software design and programming to capture silhouettes, light replay and theatre sync.