CQart musica bollards | greyworld

Founded in Paris in 1993 by Andrew Shoben, Greyworld is a world-renowned group of artists who create public art in urban spaces. Our work finds expression  through the mediums of installation, sculpture and multiples. Our primary objective is to create public art that involves the human in an urban context.

Greyworld creates generative art systems that feed from their interaction with the surrounding environment. Situated in the urban arena, the works of art allow visitors, pedestrians and passers by to become part of the creative process in spaces that permit the  widest forms of interaction. We offer them the opportunity to join an unexpected community of presence, to leave a trail simply by being there or passing through. The presence of people, always at the centre of our work, initiates an intimate communication and leads to a personalisation of the environment through activity. Our installations seek to "short-circuit" both the environmental and social expectations supplied by the surrounding urban environment and provide them with a creative means of expression.

Our goal is to create works that articulate public spaces, allowing some form of self-expression in areas of the city that people see every day but normally exclude and ignore. For more information visit the Greyworld website at www.greyworld.org.